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Pete Turner is one most respected Guest Speaker in the Cheshire area. He has presented over 1100 lectures in the past 16 years. This has given Pete priceless experience to deliver quality talks for clubs or groups in the Cheshire area. His has presented his talk all over the country and even on Cruise Liners. 

   The theme of Pete’s lecture is unusual, but intriguing. The topic is all about the Art of Magic. He has over six amazing lectures; each presentation is different and has its own twist. Pete is also a full time close up magician and gets hired out for all kinds of events. He uses his magical skills in his lectures, making the his talks fascinating.  

 Pete’s lectures are ideal for all kind of events including annual golf dinners, Charter events, Round Tables Club, Rotary Organisations. He can also accommodate Probus, WI’s, U3A’s, guilds etc. If you would like to book Pete for your event for the first time, he would suggest “Through the Eyes of a Magician”. This lecture is a great introduction to an amazing series of talks on a fascinating subject.

Pete’s lectures are stimulating. His lectures has all kinds of interesting experiments in the art of misdirection. All lectures are light hearted, humorous and informative. Each lecture runs for an average of 55 minutes. Note. If another Speakers cancels, call Pete to see if he will stand in (subject to availability)

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