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Guest Speaker Pete Turner has presented talks and lectures for almost 16 years. He has gain valuable experience as a Guest Speaker to deliver top quality presentations. Pete accommodates all events such as Rotaries, Round Tables, U3A’s, Women’s Institutes, Probus  Etc. in the Chester area. Guest Speaker Pete Turner can accommodate up to 150 people max. Pete will also present his lectures even if your club is small. All talks are visual making the lectures more interesting.

 Pete’s topic is on the Art of Magic. He has six talks on this subject; each talk is completely different and runs for fifty five minutes average. Pete would recommend “Through the Eyes of a Magician” to start with. This lecture is a great introduction to an amazing series of talks. All of Pete’s talks are light hearted, humorous and informative.

 Pete Turner is also a full time professional close up magician. He uses his magical skills in his lectures, making his talks fascinating. Also there are some magical experiments and demonstrations that are interesting. Pete’s talks have caught the imagination to many clubs and organisations all over the country. Pete has also lectured on Cruise ships all over the world.

As Pete is a professional magician, organasitions have taken advantage of his profession and use him to do table magic during the Charter Dinner. His magic gives a taste of what is going to come. Pete’s magic is a great ice breaker and adds entertainment while your guests are waiting for their courses.  

If you’ve had an cancellation from another speaker, Pete will step in and cover for you. (Subject to Availability). Even if you had Pete before, he has many talks to choose from

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