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Through the Eyes of a Magician

You will be taken on an unusual journey into the mysterious world of the impossible and the unexplained. The lecture starts with a bolt that takes you out of your logical world into an intriguing and fascinating field of the unexpected.

The power of psychology and misdirection is a skill that the magician uses to create the impossible. You will get an insight into how he can gain control of you, at the same time giving you the impression that you, yourself, have complete control.

This lecture will also give you demonstrations within the science of misdirection, in which all the audience may participate. Also on this amazing journey, you will see how the mind can be mystified regarding the science of perception, i.e seeing something which is not there.
The journey is full of twists and turns. It is fascinating, amazing, informative and interesting. Even if you are not too sure or you don’t like magic, you will be fascinated by this lecture.

PLEASE NOTE – Through the Eyes of a Magician is a lecture/talk – not a magic show.