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Guest Speaker Pete Turner has the confidence to deliver top quality lectures for your event. His outstanding presentations have earned Pete awards and attracted top brand companies to lecture for conferences and even top Cruise Liner Companies. Pete has lecture for all kinds of organisations all over the North West, West Midlands and Yorkshire, giving him priceless experience to deliver.

Pete Turner’s topic is different and has humour. Pete touches on “Art of Magic”. He has six lectures on this theme. All six lectures are completely different, giving you enough material to keep your club or organisation going for a few years. All of Pete’s lectures are light hearted that is packed with all kinds of magical capers, experiments and magic. His lectures are ideal for After Dinner Events, Luncheon Clubs, Charter Evenings, New President Nights as well for all kind of events, big or small in the Huddersfield & Halifax areas.

  Pete Turner has been on the guest speaker circuit for almost 12 years. His experience in this field has given him the confidence to deliver a professional standard talk for your event. Pete has lectured for top cruise liners such as Travelscope, Maritime Voyages and Fred Olsen. He has delivered over 55 lectures on the seas of the world. Pete also is a member of the ASC which is a national organisation for guest speakers. He is also a member of his local speakers club. Pete has won awards making him one of the most recommended speakers in the country. 

If you’re looking to book Guest Speaker Pete Turner for the first time, he would recommended his first lecture called “Through the Eyes of a Magician” This will tick the boxes for your event and has a clever ending that will either close as a one off lecture or leaving the door open for a second lecture for the following year. Pete is also a professional magician, si his skills in magic is used in his lectures, making his presentations stimulating. All of Pete’s presentations are ideal for Rotary, U3A’s, WI’s, Probus, Tangent or any organisation or club. He is also a member of the Warrington Speakers Club and the ASC.

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