Through the Eyes of a Magician
Through the Eyes of a Magician

THROUGH THE EYES OF A MAGICIAN is a fascinating & intriguing lecture which is full of twists and turns. It’s definitely different!

THE PLOT. There is a ‘Mysterious World’ out there and Pete will give you a taste of it on a fascinating journey of the unexplained. Using the ‘Science of Perception’ Pete will demonstrate how you can see something that is not there. Yes, I know, it’s all sound a bit crazy, but seeing is believing, and until you experience the unknown in a logical world, it will open a new dimension how you perceive the impossible.  Also you will discover the psychological mind games used by magicians to convince what you’re seeing are actually happening right in front of your eyes.

This lecture is light hearted, informative and it is delivered with humour. The lecture is interactive, so there will be some audience participation.

This lecture is very popular for U3A’s, Probus Clubs, WI’s, Rotary, Round Table, Golf Captain Evening or any other club or society. Through the Eyes of a Magician is a massive hit on cruise liners.

Running time is 55 minutes or it can be adapted for 40 mins depending on the nature of your event regarding timings. Q&A after the lecture is available, but it is optional. If your event require an interval in the middle, this lecture can be adapted to 2 x 35 mins to accommodate the interval.

PLEASE NOTE – Through the Eyes of a Magician is a lecture/talk – not a magic show.