Science of Misdirection
Science of Misdirection

SCIENCE OF MISDIRECTION is a follow up to the first lecture “Through the Eyes of a Magician”.

The magician knows when he tries to deceive the punter, they are very skeptic and don’t believe what has happened.

Beating the skeptics and preventing the punters from spoiling your magic by being smart requires a special skill. This lecture will give you an insight into the field of working as a Close-up Magician by giving you demonstrations on how not to be caught out.

A cluster of magic is demonstrated. Also, I will ask someone to come up and challenge them to be awkward and try to beat me. This lecture requires a sharp and eagle-eyed audience. Its objective is to beat the skeptics in an interesting and amazing way.

PLEASE NOTE – MISDIRECTION is a lecture/talk – not a magic show.