Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker



Ruth Seed (Speaker Secretary Waddington WI) 
Thank you for an amazing presentation, some of my members called me the next day to say how much they enjoyed your talk.

Ronald Meakins (Chairman of The Deaver Probus Club)
Thank you very much for your most interesting talk/demonstration given to Deva Probus on Tuesday last. The measure of an excellent talk in our age group, after a good lunch, always has been “how many were awake” The fact was they all were awake.

Pat Fletcher (Speaker Secretary Church Minshull WI)
Thank you so much for such a brilliant talk and practical display of your skills on Tuesday. You certainly kept us enthralled.

Derek Howell (Weaver Probus)
Many thanks for your talk & demonstration last Monday. The response from members was excellent and on that basis, I would like to book you for next year.

Betty Longmate (Lockstock Ladies Group, Bolton & Guest Speaker of the Bolton Ladies Speakers Club) 
There is no doubt that your “gestures” (all right ones – no naughty ones) had eye contact, use of humour, audience rapport, good use of vobabulary and word pictures with pitch, pause and pace and you will be pleased “you passed the assignment with flying colours – and we shall all look forward to seeing you on your next presentation.”

Stella Miller (Prestbury Ladies Probus, Nr Macclesfield) 
Thank you so much for your interesting talk with the Ladies Probus last month. It was much appreciated by all and we are still talking about it.

Pete Crawford (41 Club) 
Thank you for an amazing talk yesterday despite the difficult road conditions. Members who did not turn up due to bad weather have regretted not coming to our meeting after hearing about your talk from other members. Sorry for the low numbers, but all of us really enjoyed your talk. Well done.

Malcolm Clark (Heard Green Probus)
Many thanks for talking to our club, everyone really enjoyed it.

Diane Hableton. (Probus Two Ladies of Congleton)
Pete Turner’s talk is different, active and informative. We have got him booked again for next year.

Brian Handley (Pewterspear Probus) Pete’s talk is interesting with humour. We have booked Pete Tuner three times and have booked him next year.

Ray Howarth (Urmston Probus) 
I’ve booked Pete for five talks at our Probus and he has never let us down. Each talk has a different outlook on the same theme. We have booked Pete again for his sixth talk next year.

Pauline Kennerly (Heatly WI) Amazing Speaker. We have booked Pete on four occasions and our ladies have really enjoyed his lectures.

Christina Thompson (Speakers Secretary of the Poynton Methodist Church Ladies Fellowship)
Absolutely brilliant. Our ladies were amazed with Pete’s talk. I recommend this speaker at your event.

Julie (Cruise Director from Travelscope) Around the World Cruise 2008
Pete joined our cruise in Australia for our long voyage over the Indian Ocean to South Africa, so we knew it was going to be tough to keep our passengers occupied. Pete never let us down. He did ten lectures. Each was well attended. We even used Pete as a pre dinner entertainment, which filled our lounge. Great speaker, I would like to put forward Peter for the Baltic Cruise in May.

Richard Sykes (Cruise Director of the Marco Polo, St Petersburg Cruise)
Thank you very much for your great lectures. It was different and you have had great feedback from my passengers.