Guest Speaker
Guest Speaker

Motivational Speaker for hire in Wrexham

Motivational Speaker Peter Turner has been delivering lectures for almost 18 years, where he has gained priceless experience to deliver top quality lectures to groups, organisations and clubs. His presentations are definitely different, light hearted, fascinating and delivered with an element of humour. Guest Speaker Peter turner has the confidence to deliver the ideal lecture to your event or meeting in the Wrexham area. Motivational Speaker for hire in Wrexham

Guest Speaker for hire
Guest Speaker for hire

Peter Turner can accommodate all clubs, groups and organisations in the Wrexham areas.
Women’s Institute
Mother Unions
U3A organisations
Probus Clubs
Rotary Events
Golf Captain Events
41 Club meetings
Church Groups
or any club looking for a Guest Speaker or After Dinner Speaker.
All of Peter’s lectures runs at an average time of 55 minutes.

Guest Speaker for hire
Guest Speaker for hire

Peter Turner’s lectures are adapted to fit the bill of your event or meeting, whether you have a small group or having a large Annual Event. Each lecture runs for around 55 minutes on average. Peter will accommodate two half lecture if an interval is required. Motivational Speaker for hire in Wrexham

Guest Speaker for hire
Guest Speaker for hire


Guest Speaker Peter Turner lectures on mind games, the magic of phycology and the tricks used believing the impossible can happen in a reality world. Peter has over 8 lectures on this topic, each lecture running for an average 55 minutes.  Peter Turner gets invited to go on board cruise ship to present this topic, which has been well received from passengers. For more details click on TOPIC

Motivational Speaker for Hire in Wrexham / Peter Turner

Guest Speaker for hire

If you haven’t booked Pete Turner before, he would recommend his first talk “Through the Eyes of a Magician” This lecture is a great introduction to the Art of Magic” All talks runs for an average of fifty five minutes. If your event requires an interval, Pete can adapt his lectures so it will be split into 2 x 40 minutes.

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Optical Illusion Books

Optical Illusions do play a part in Pete’s lectures. You can purchase his books on this topic, it’s a fascinating read. Go to the website for more details.

The Book is in a Presentation box format containing five books with over 400 Optical illusions. This Presentation set will make the perfect gift. Only £10 for the set.