Sleight of Mind
Sleight of Mind

Scientists all over the world are mystified as to how our mind works. The brain consists of blood vessels that can go around the world four times yet it only weigh around 3lb. Or brain gives us our knowledge, our education, and our intelligence. Also our mind gives us our personality, our charisma, and the character we are today.

Scientists have developed interesting experiments to see how our mind works. In this lecture, you will experience these experiments. SLEIGHT OF MIND consists of seven interesting experiments that will trick your mind. All the experiments are fascinating and interesting with a magical theme to it. Each experiment has a twist that will confuse and trick the mind. There will be a lot of harmless mind games which you can take home and try out on your friends and family.

The experiments used in the SLEIGHT OF MIND lecture are called:

  1. Tricking the Mind with experiments
  2. May the Force will be with you test
  3. “Picture This” experiment
  4. A Simple adding up test – 90% of the audience will get wrong
  5. F Test
  6. Find the Mistake experiment
  7. ESP Test (if time)

The beauty of this lecture is that everyone can participate in a few experiments without getting out of their seat, although a few volunteers will be required to come out to the front. If your group is a bit shy, this lecture may not be for you.
Don’t worry, all the experiments in this lecture are harmless, so sit back and enjoy the journey into the unknown.
PLEASE NOTE – SLEIGHT OF MIND is a lecture/talk – not a magic show.