Tribute to Tommy Cooper

If you are looking for a lecture which is well planned, structured & prepared, then don’t bother booking this talk because you will be disappointed! This lecture is the only lecture in the world that is meant to go wrong. If this lecture went well, it wouldn’t be Tommy Cooper.

The well-loved comedian magician Tommy Cooper made his career in magic that went wrong. In this tribute, you will see those awful tricks that had a clever twist. Tommy Cooper is well known for his awful but brilliant one liner. It wasn’t the jokes that made people laugh; it was his face, his mannerisms and the clumsy way in which he portrayed himself as a lousy magician. This lecture touches on those comical one liners. The tribute touches on his life, but mainly his life on stage and all the props that went wrong that made him famous.

This lecture is a tribute to Tommy Cooper. Therefore it has a comic approach and is light-hearted than an informative lecture.

PLEASE NOTE – TRIBUTE TO TOMMY COOPER is not a Comedy Magic Show, but a very light-hearted tribute to the great man.