Heads in Win - Tails you Lose
Heads in Win - Tails you Lose

This fascinating lecture takes you on an amazing journey into the science of probability. This lecture will give you an insight into how to become a winner even when you lose.

The journey starts with the lecturer offering £50 on the table with 51 chances of winning but only a very small chance of losing. Although the probability is 1 in 52 of losing, you will never win. Magicians use the science of probability in their favour in order to give the impression that they can perform miracles, but realistically, it is the probability that is creating the magic in a clever and interesting way. Don’t worry – this lecture is not taxing to the brain, nor is it heavy with figures.

There will be clever experiments to simplify the concept of a very interesting subject by using a coin regarding heads and tails – hence the title of this lecture.

Did you know, if you use the science of probability to your favour; you will increase your chances of winning the lottery and it will increase your chances of winning on the horses. There are also other little gambling tricks that will amuse your mind.

Also in this fascinating lecture, you will get interesting tips on how to make a decision.

PLEASE NOTE – HEADS I WIN – TAILS YOU LOSE is a lecture/talk – not a magic show.